What reports would you like to see?

Currently we have the overview report, the non-compliant devices report, the pre-patch report and the activity log. We’re working on adding more reports and improving the reporting engine. What would you like to see added to the report section?

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  • Devices which have not checked in within X days/Weeks/Months. Good for device cleanup and compliance

  • Ability to schedule reports for delivery via email. Great for management, etc.

  • Report based on specific CVE. List system at risk of the CVE (Crowdstrike will do this ad-hoc for the critical vulns)CS


Interesting! Besides system impacted with the specific CVE, what else would you expect to see in the CVE specific report?

I would like to see a build your own report engine. Show me a listing of all the data types in automox and let me arrange or show how I want (and then let me choose how to show that data, text, table or graphically).


CVE publish date and severity


Would be great to run a custom report to list machines of a specific windows 10 version such as 1703.


We’re working on that. Phase 1 is more canned reports and Phase 2 is a full reporting/searching engine where you can save queries and reports and share them with others via some sort of import/export. That way people can share stuff on the community for others to make use of, similar to the worklets. The tough part is figuring out how to prevent people from accidentally creating costly reports that bring the database to its knees. Maybe offline/background report generation so that we can mitigate that, rather than annoying restrictions on which fields and objects you can and can’t report on.

At min, sort by last connected via the Devices screen. Allow for mass device clean-up.


Some of my ideas. My insider knowledge knows some are in the works already, but these are some of my nice-to-haves.

  • General
    • Executive summary – charts, basic counts; matrix with total devices, total outstanding patches, maybe patches deployed in last 30 days
    • More detailed exec summary – charts, counts by OS, patch severity (maybe the counts in a matrix for easy export)
    • Admin view for console activity (actions taken by Automox logins, group create/delete, who kicked a manual policy deployment)
    • Holistic concerns report – what does Automox feel we should warn the customers about/encourage them to do regarding Automox console config (devices not in a patch policy, patches not in a policy, etc.)?
  • Devices
    • (general device reports could just be filtered on Devices page and use the Export button)
    • All non-compliant systems; pending patches by severity, failed patch attempts (or didn’t patch X days after policy last enforced)
    • Workstations missing updates and/or are vulnerable
    • Device health dashboard and details (basic counts/charts with detailed device listing under) for all devices not connected for X days, devices missed patch since X days, needs attention, agent unsupported (basically, devices that need attention by desktop support)
  • Software/vulnerability
    • CVE/KB lookup - search/dropdown for CVE(s); show basics about patch, devices with, devices pending, policy exists to cover it
    • Software lookup – drop down for app family, app version; show basic app info, devices with app, devices pending install, policy exists to cover it
  • Policy/Group
    • Listing of all policy names, description, type, assignment, basic settings
    • Policy details – drop down for policy, patches covered, devices assigned
    • Patches not covered by any (active) policies (what are we not targeting?)
    • Detailed policy results; drop down for policy and run time/dates; show success/fail counts, any info that would help troubleshooting AND provide confidence that something did run
    • Resultant policy coverage by group; pick a group and show what should occur on that group based on the policies assigned