What not to buy on Cyber Monday

TL;DR - avoid Huawei, Lenovo, Lexmark & GoPro

Any other brands you avoid buying due to security concerns?

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Honestly… I didn’t buy anything. I couldn’t find anything worth spending money on. All in all, I thought the deals for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday were pretty lame. Maybe I didn’t look hard enough, I dunno.

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Yeah the only thing I bought on sale was a video game: Divinity Original Sin 2 for the Switch. Not much else caught my fancy.

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OH shoot, that’s on my shortlist of games I have to play. I own it on Steam and the Switch but I’ve never booted it up… I’ve heard a billion great things about it.

It’s good, but tough and long. Best saved for if you have a long weekend with no family around.

How is it on the Switch? I know it’s originally a PC title so how are the controls?

Switch is great. The only real difference is that you can’t play local co-op on the Switch version, like you can on PC or other consoles. I didn’t notice any issues with the controls so they did a good job with that aspect of it.

Did you ever play the PC version?

Not this one, but I did play Divinity Original Sin on PC, with mouse and keyboard.