What IT & technology podcasts do you like to listen to?

I never thought I would be, but I’m addicted to quite a few different podcasts. I listen to a few different food-centric podcasts like The Splendid Table, The Sporkful, and Gastropod but one of my all-time favorites has to be This Podcast Will Kill You (TPWKY). In TPWKY, they cover a specific disease or ailment each episode and break down the biology along with the history and where we stand today. It’s a super interesting podcast if you get a chance to listen!

But, I haven’t quite delved into the world of technology- or IT-specific podcasts. What kinds of tech podcasts do you listen to?


I love this question as I always feel like I could be missing out on a potential information gold mine!

Here’s my list:

  1. Paul’s Security Weekly
    Probably my favorite in generic listening pleasure. Informative, on-target and encapsulates a lot of variety. Pretty sure they also have digest releases for Enterprise, Business, etc but the namesake is the one I follow personally.

  2. Risky.biz
    Risky Biz seems to be the most up-to-date podcast on developing or new events, thus earned its place for me in the top selection. The banter is very real and aligned to “doers”.

  3. Security Now - Steve Gibson Research Corporation
    Some love him, some loathe him. He’s earned his right to voice 1000x over through years of contributions to the security community and verifiable acumen. Steve Gibson has never been afraid to speak his mind on things and that’s partly why the dichotomy of opinion toward him. He’s been cited as having “digressions” that sound south of sane or conspiratorial in nature as in 2006 when he postulated that a Microsoft vulnerability (“SetAbortProc”) was an intentional backdoor. For what it is worth anyone who can write native assembly language code the way he does has to be brilliant, mad, or potentially even both and that’s why he’s a fantastic but verbose podcast listen.

  4. Tech News Weekly
    Tech News Weekly digests interviews with journalists who are breaking the latest stories of the week, adding context and perspective in laymen’s terms.

  5. Clear To Send*
    This Podcast is admittedly not for everyone. It is geared toward wireless spectrum topics in often gory verbose terms. For me, it’s mostly of interest out of personal curiosity and tracking advances in wireless infrastructure.


I really love Darknet Diaries - “The podcast about hackers, breaches, shadow government activity, hacktivism, cybercrime, and all the things that dwell on the hidden parts of the network”


Risky Biz is awesome.


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