What is your favorite OS of all time...

…and why is it Windows ME?

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I have a soft spot in my heart for my first computer, the Commodore 64. Basic FTW!

Don’t get me started on Windows ME!


Windows ME was the first OS we had on the first family computer when we finally were able to afford a snazzy new Gateway from Best Buy that was most likely severely overpriced. It was garbage but I had very little to compare it to because prior to that I had been using friend’s computers here and there.

In all actuality, I loved Windows 7 and I still use ElementaryOS for light browsing and stuff.


Whatever was on the TI-83. I felt like such a hacker.


My first time using Windows XP was such a huge jump from everything else I was used to. The last time I used ME was at my folks’ house… clicked IE, it bluescreened, I forced them to buy a new PC and install XP.


There’s a relevant XKCD comic that explains why Windows ME was… special.

Windows ME was like Windows 2000 on meth. It did a bunch of things you did not want it to do, never did the things you wanted it to do, and crashed in so many different ways. It’s like having one of those boxes with a crank on the side that randomly pops an ugly clown when you turn the crank, but instead it’s a BSOD when opening the file explorer.

Edit: DOS as a soft spot. Such a simple and effective games launcher :smile:!

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The problem with badges for necroposting is that you’re rewarding behavior that you want to get rid of. People end up necroposting just to get the badge. But you do still get the badge suggestion badge!

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Anyone who answers something other than Red Start OS, the official Linux distribution of North Korea, is objectively wrong.


Most definitely Arch Linux. (I use Arch btw…)

/s No, but I’d probably have to say Ubuntu 18.04.1 with KDE Plasma installed. Not a fan of Gnome, plus with KDE, I can change my MAC easier which allows for faster reconnection to Xfinity free 1 hour passes. :crazy_face:

Kali Linux or Qubes. Toss up.

I hadn’t heard of Qubes before so I looked it up - looks like a neat OS. For anyone else in the same boat as me:

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I’m looking at this now - looks pretty cool, to be honest.