What information would you like to see on the community homepage?

I’m starting work on a project to turn the community homepage into more of a landing page to collect all Automox resources and information. Something similar to this:

What information is most crucial for you to see on this new homepage? Vote for features below and add your suggestions by replying to this post. We’ll be using your votes to determine what to include and placement on the page:

  • Latest KB articles
  • Release Notes
  • Latest/Top Worklets
  • Latest Critical Patches
  • Community Leaderboard
  • Featured & Upcoming Videos/Webinars
  • Top Feature requests
  • Latest Product Roadmap
  • Blog & Twitter feeds
  • Latest Community Topics
  • My Support Tickets
  • Automox StatusPage
  • Automox Job Openings
  • Documentation Updates
  • API Updates
  • Swag Store
  • Featured Interviews
  • Community Polls
  • Latest Photos
  • Featured Community Member

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Btw, you can vote for multiple items, but if you vote for absolutely everything then you’ve thrown away your vote :slight_smile:

My main gripe with that linked VMware site is how busy it is. It’s farrrrrrrr too much. I like simplicity. Automox’s UI right now is nice and clean. So to keep that “flow” would be nice in the community.

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Agreed - I don’t want it to be as busy as their site, and I want to make sure the community topics are above the fold when you load the page. We’ll be working on a design mockup for the dev work, so I’ll post that in here for feedback once we get that done.

I’ve started a new topic for visibility but wanted to notify all of you who voted and replied to this topic. Click here to see the proposed new design and give your feedback: