What improvements would you like to see in the Worklet functionality?

Better reporting? Improved error handling? Anything else that would make writing worklets easier?

P.S. if you want to learn more about worklets I’m doing a webinar this Thursday:

Enable and configure secure DNS via either TLS or HTTPS. Google and Cloudflare both support this, so it would be nice if one could choose between the two. You can learn a bit more about secure DNS here, if interested:

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Variables - I know this one has been mentioned in other threads but being able to pass variables back and forth between evaluation and remediation would be nice but I would like to see it taken a step further and give us global variables (both read only and writable) that we could use to pass into and out of any worklets.

Testing - This one has also been mentioned but I would like to see a test mode added so we can see what our code does without actually having to run it.

Individual Feedback - It would also be nice if from the device view we could do some kind of hover over the worklet and see the last time it was run and what the output of that particular run was.

Organization - It would be nice if there was either a folder structure created to better organize worklets. I only have about 10 worklets on average per device and already its pretty complicated. If worklets are going to do more things in automox some thought about organization needs to be done. Also would be nice if worklets created for each os only showed on those devices that the worklet can run on.


I agree with all those @aaron!

With regard to the organization we’re feeling the pain here internally. We had to separate out our worklet dev org from the org we use for demos, as it was getting too cluttered.

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