What do you think of the Tesla pickup truck?

I’m a Model 3 owner and find the design of the truck a bit bizarre. All their other vehicles are more rounded and this one is all angles. What’s your take?

I wouldn’t shy away from driving it based on the design. It does look more like a concept vehicle but I like the all angle design as it fits the rugged theme of a pickup truck. The tough material its made with also aligns with the overall them (minus the breakable windows :lying_face:).

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After reading more about the dent and shatter resistance of the body and glass, I’m wondering if that constrained the design to be flat panels instead of rounded. But you’re right @MartyMox that it looks more like other pickup trucks than it looks like another Tesla vehicle.

After a few days to get used to it, the look is growing on me. Understanding how the form facilitates the function and cost savings makes me appreciate the engineering that went into it.

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You aren’t alone. I’m reading that others are starting to say the design and overall idea of the truck is growing on them. This isn’t surprising when you have such a drastic design change. Its going to take people time to adjust their views. Clearly the design is economical because of the fact that they can sell a base model for under 40K and it played a major factor in decisions made.

The big questions for me to still answer are:

  1. What will the side view mirrors look like?
  2. How safe will the truck be when rolled or in a major car accident?
  3. Will the stainless steel be a safer responder’s nightmare due to the toughness of the steel?
  4. Will solar panels on the roof be a real option?
  5. What’s the battery range with towing near max capacity? Is it half the distance?

I’ll have more as leaks reveal themselves over the next 2 years…

Overall, I’m currently very excited about the idea of owning one someday.

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Points 2 and 3 I’ve had some discussions with people about. With the bulletproof windows, a center punch won’t work. And the jaws of life are going to have to work hard to get the door open if it gets jammed. On the plus side, the sturdiness of the design means that the doors are less likely to get deformed and wedged into the frame. Fortunately hydraulics > steel, but it could delay rescuers getting to you. I was a volunteer firefighter for a few years, so I’m curious to see a fire department take their tools to the truck for a test.

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Did you reserve your spot with the $100 pre-order, or are you going to wait and see?

I don’t buy vehicles new so I’m going to wait until the used market picks up and look for a good deal. I figure it will be 5-6 years before I’m in the market. By then, we should have all our questions answered!

I love love love love the technology and literally everything about this truck… except for the exterior design. I literally hovered on the pre-order page for about 3 straight days hoping at some point the design would grow on me but man… it’s freaking hideous. I hate it. It’s too aggressive into the “futuristic” design and it’s going to stand out on the freeways for all the wrong reasons. I look at the other Tesla’s and think “those look sleek.” but have always thought they could push the design a bit further. Well this is TOO FAR.

Furthermore, it’s not even street legal. No side mirrors. The light strip in the front is illegal in the USA. I hate the giant sides on the bed which mean you have to literally walk to the back of the truck to use it. Don’t get me started on the blockiness and triangles.

There is still a ton of time between now and when they start to hit the market so hopefully they make some drastic changes to the exterior because I really want to like this truck and this would be my perfect maiden voyage into electric vehicles.

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For real though, I REALLY wanted to like this truck. I have been looking for a reason to get a Tesla and this would’ve been a homerun if not for the exterior. We’ll see what the final product looks like.