What books have changed your life the most?

Include a couple that helped you in your career, and a couple that helped you in life in general.

For me for career I’d have to go with:


For general life:
Taught me to manage money better:

This one is technically a business book, but it helped me in other areas of life too


General life:

I still suffer from imposter syndrome but this book has helped a bit:

The first real book that I read from start to finish, which got me into reading books in the first place:


First InfoSec book I picked up, and even though I have read it many times, I pick up new things each time I read through it:

A recent read that I really enjoyed:


There are a number of books in the same general genre of strategic thinking, logical puzzles applied to real-life scenarios, or economic/mathematical thinking that maybe didn’t in and of themselves change me immediately, but lead to a change in how I thought about things and ultimately how I approached life:


It’s a close one. It’s between the following two fantastic reads: