What are your favorite board games?

My fiancé works at a board game bar and coffee shop, which means we have a giant backlog of board games that we have yet to play. I’m pretty selective about the games I like so we don’t really play as many games as we should, but my absolute favorite game has to be Great Western Trail. It’s a bit of a long game with a ton of moving parts but I love it, particularly because you get to build up a deck full of cows.

We also just played our first round of Mage Knight against each other and even though I lost and we ended up playing for 3.5 hours, I would love to try it again!

What’s on your list of favorite board games?

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I’ve always been a fan for Diplomacy for the sheer havoc and mayhem it can induce in a group of close friends. There’s a fun podcast about a professional diplomat attending the world Diplomacy championships that is quite fun:

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We have been playing Exploding Kittens with the added expansion packs. Next game I get will be Throw, Throw Burrito.