What are you doing for Thanksgiving?

For those of you who celebrate it, what are your Thanksgiving plans? Any travel?

Fortunately for me I’m staying in town as my mom lives close by. No standing in lines at the airport!

First, I’ll be baking way too many pies for my own good (since I’ll need to sample each of them on Thanksgiving and then their leftovers). There are so many requests in addition to the classics that are required:

Pumpkin (mm fresh roasted pumpkin)
Tart Cherry
Chocolate Creme
Coconut Creme

On the day of, we’ll make the hour-ish drive down to Colorado Springs to meet up with everyone that still lives in the state.

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I’m doing absolutely nothing. Everyone has gone to AZ with the moving truck and I stayed here to house/dog sit.
I’m thinking Chinese on Thursday, unless I feel like making grilled cheese and tomato soup instead.

Time for a viewing of A Christmas Story for the restaurant scene!