What Android phone should I get?

I’m considering making the switch from iPhone to Android. Those of you who are Android users, what models should I consider? What do you use and how do you like it?

Tried a few brands over the years and a lot of it really comes down to how much vendor meddling, security, and looks you would like. Samsung adds a lot of bloatware on their phones but the hardware underneath is very good. If security is your main wish I would avoid Huawei, Oppo, and Xiaomi phones given the OSes are closed source and rewritten from the original Google base. Other companies like Samsung do play with the OS but do not rewrite and substantially change the original system. Long story short any vendor’s flagship is good, just note it needs to be a flagship since vendors drop support and neglect other models quickly after release. I often read around https://www.kimovil.com/en/ for both prices, reviews, and even compliance testing here.

I can’t say this enough but please do band compliance (i.e. 1900MHz B2 4G channel for say T-Mobile) verification in the Android family. Apple devices are pretty good about doing 80+% of acceptable bands, but with Android it can range from 0%-100% depending if you want US, Europe, China, India, All, etc. bands. That site will inform you by clicking a phone and hitting (bands) near the score to see who it works with.

Currently: I use a OnePlus7 Pro, it has great hardware and the best part is the OS is completely non-bloated, just a slightly modified version of the base Google OS. If you want a vanilla, non-tampered base-OS only the Google Pixel lineup can get you 100% of the way there. The prices of the OnePlus phones have been going up a bit in the last few years compared to their game changing OnePlus One original that was $299 when it came out with near or about top of the line parts at the time. That company model has changed in recent years and customers have been complaining of fly away pricing since then. The company has been listening (at least for now) and released the recent OnePlus Nord, which has a lot better pricing. No US model is available for the Nord yet, but there is rumors…

List of targets:

  • Modding - Anything Samsung, best to stick with S series and most often the flagship due to higher adoption so better support.
  • Cost Effectiveness: Xiaomi Mi family (Current is Mi10 Pro), extremely cost effective with top of the line parts for <$500. Hard to get in the US without importing and may require burning in the US/UK OS over the Mainland China build if you don’t get the International version. Some people have mentioned worry about security, but I can’t say honestly given the OS is closed source fork of Google’s.
  • Day-To-Day - Really this comes down to looks, most flagships will perform very well for any major brand like Samsung, LG, Sony.
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If you can string your current phone along, I’d wait until the Pixel 5 comes out and then you can make a decision with a few more choices. OTW, @brendani laid it all out pretty well.

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Good advice, thanks guys! And good idea on waiting for the Pixel 5. My current phone still works, just getting long in the tooth and I’m tired of the slow slide of Apple into mediocrity.

My Pixel 2 XL is still working great after years of use. 10/10. Also when comparing phones I use https://www.gsmarena.com/ gives you the fullest spec breakdown.

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I am still using my Pixel 3. I like it a lot, been solid.

I have heard a lot of good things about the Pixel line so I’ll definitely put that on my consideration list.

I’m also on a Pixel 2 XL. I use it pretty heavily and the battery is just starting to show signs of wear after 3 years. Great phone.

I use a Pixel 3a as I’m cheap and don’t want to spend a mortgage payment on a phone, but want a pure android experience. Cost me $279 for a Pixel device with a decent camera and screen. Pixels do give you a lot of bang for the buck and you don’t have to wait weeks or months to get patches like you do through many other vendors…Looking at you LG…
It could really come down to what features are most important to you though.

Also had a Pixel (just before current phone) as well but it was the very first model, fantastic phone but the first gen had issues with the battery itself. Roommates have the Pixel 2 and 3 and they are still using it to this day with no complaints.

I have no regrets after getting a OnePlus 8 Pro recently. It is a bit pricy but it has been quite worth it, and I assume it will continue that way for some years to come.

5G speeds are excellent–though that has been less and less relevant since we so rarely leave the house for any significant amount of time. The high-refresh-rate panel has ruined me for looking at 60Hz phones.

I have friends that have purchased OnePlus 7Ts recently with the price drop and they are also very happy with it. It has a very similar camera and has a 90Hz screen which is still very smooth and nice to use despite being released 9 months ago.

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I’ve been using my Pixel 3a since it released; had the original Pixel prior. Best phones I’ve ever had by far! I’m content paying half price of most flagships for incredibly similar performance and camera, so the Pixel ‘a’ lineups are my cup of tea.

I don’t play mobile games so don’t need any cutting edge processing, but I do use my phone for almost everything. I rarely get my computer out if it’s not to do work, so appreciate the clean/non-bloated OS, the quick updates, and the ability to customize as much as I’d like. Google has also done an amazing job of writing high performance software that makes up for reduced processing power.

I’ve also build out a lot of my smart home with Google/Nest products, so the ability to hook-up/manage seamlessly is pretty clutch as well.

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https://store.google.com/product/pixel_4a was just released.

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