What 3rd party software is at the top of your Automox update wishlist?

We’ve got some momentum going on the 3rd party software support, having just recently reached 20 titles with yesterday’s release:

We do have a section for 3rd party app requests here on our product board:

Feel free to add your wishes and votes there, or post below with the software titles that you’d love to see us add first!

Microsoft’s Power BI Desktop is one I’d like to see (both 32- and 64-bit).

The app doesn’t auto-update itself, and Microsoft releases monthly updates.


Good suggestion. I’ll see if that’s on our list of future 3rd party software to support already.

Ok I’ve confirmed its on our “top 50” list. It hasn’t been assigned to a sprint or roadmap yet, so I couldn’t hazard a guess as to when it will reach the top of the list. Once I hear that it’s in development I can let you know.

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+1, this is certainly a “nuisance” application for us to manage.

I would also add Adobe Acrobat (Paid not Reader) to the list. I believe there may be some licensing issues with this as most patch management companies only target Reader. If that’s the case I’d love to see some Worklets designed which would allow us to self-service.

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Adobe Acrobat is a bit of pain because Adobe gates the updates behind a login, if I recall, and that makes it challenging to grab the update file. I just checked with the team working on 3rd party software and they let me know that they do think they have a workaround for that, which they’re going to investigate in the next sprint.