Welcome to the Automox Alive Community Beta!

Welcome beta testers! You’ve been hand selected to join us for this exclusive closed beta test of the Automox community, which we’re calling Automox Alive.

During the beta we welcome all feedback on the community, including the layout, the forum structure, community badges, my fro, and anything else.

While we’re in the beta the community will only be visible to you as logged in users. Once we finish the beta we’ll open the doors to the rest of our Automox customers and the rest of the world. We’re relying on you to help us start out the community culture on a good footing.

If you have any feedback during the beta you can post it in this topic or reach out to me directly. You can send me private messages through the community, reach me by email at nic.tolstoshev@automox.com, and by phone at 512-758-9763.

To start with, I’d like to invite you all to introduce yourselves in this topic:

Introduce Yourself! Water Cooler

Hi, I’m Nic, the community manager here at Automox. I’ve managed a bunch of other IT communities, like Webroot, Intuit, LogRhythm, and Spiceworks. Prior to being a community manager I worked as a sysadmin myself. If you’re new to the community, please reply to this post and let us know who you are, where you work, and where you are from.

We’re also looking for you to share any custom policies that you’ve written in the Worklets forum:

Thanks for being a part of our community beta!