Welcome to Automox's New VP of Engineering and Architecture, Pascal Borghino

We are excited to announce that Pascal Borghino has joined Automox as VP of Engineering and Architecture. His experience at IBM, Yahoo!, WeWork, and Twitter brings a unique vision, passion and excitement to Automox. Check out our press release announcing this news: https://blog.automox.com/engineering-infrastructure-professional-pascal-borghino


Welcome @pascal - glad to have you on board!

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Welcome to Automox Camille. We have been using Automox and have loved the partnership between our company. I hope to see many new features that help solidify Automox’s position as a leader in security patching and remediation with a focus on updated reporting in the near future. Reporting needs improvement but I know that its likely already in the pipeline. Welcome to Automox!

Thank you. The excitement is shared. I can not wait to understand more about our customers’ needs and provide solutions for them! Let me know how I can help