Weekly Digest - offline devices

I was looking at the weekly digest email that arrived yesterday and was pleased ( if a little taken aback) to see that 63.8% of our 105 devices were up to date. Our offices have been closed for a couple of weeks, so only servers and laptops should be up to date. I know the pcs in the offices are off and I am not looking forward to getting them up to date when we get back.

I was wondering if it wouldn’t be better to consider a device not up to date if it had not been online since (say) the previous Wednesday?

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Personally I feel like, it should be considered out of compliance/not up to date the moment the policy is set to run, until its up to what is allowed by the policy.

That’s a good point. I was just thinking about a way to ‘fix’ the weekly summary.
It might also be useful if you could ‘suspend’ an endpoint - say if one was in a cupboard as a spare - you know you would update it before handing it out, but you don’t want to constantly update it while it is not in production.