Week in Review - Release Notes for Week Ending 9/25/2020


  • For CrowdStrike linked accounts: Addressed issues where the trial status was occasionally out-of-sync between CrowdStrike and Automox. (9/23)
  • Misc. query optimizations and performance enhancements.

Bug Fixes:

  • Improved SAML Setup using Identity Provider (IDP) XML Metadata and addressed issues with Azure IDP XML content. (9/23)

Hey guys,

Quick question about the agent whitelisting rules. Has there been any changes to the IP addresses in the last week or so? Do we have a full list?

I know this is posted in the Release notes post but figured if these have updated; its kind of important haha!

Name: api.automox.com

Thanks in advance,


As far as I know they haven’t changed. Are you running into any issues that make you think that something is being blocked?

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Thanks Nic!

Yeah after checking the firewalls; we did see a few deny’s here and there hence we thought we might bring it up. The list in the link is different to what a typical nslookup against api.automox.com returns. We have seen different IPs more recently.

If you do an nslookup on api.automox.com that should give you the current up-to-date list.