Week in Review - Release Notes for Week Ending 7/24/2020

What a good week of enhancements! Sometimes our week’s release notes are sparse because we’re heads down on core infrastructure work, query optimization, or other non-flashy pieces. But this week we were able to start shipping some of the features and enhancements we’re excited to give everyone.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Bug Fix

  • Resolved an issue where some Device states (Connected/Disconnected) were inaccurate in the Non-Compliant Report. (7/22)


  • The Automox console 404 page has been redesigned to include helpful links for those who may have wandered off the path. (7/22)
  • Your chosen pagination limit on the Devices page will now be stored in your browser’s localStorage and be sticky between requests. (7/22)
  • Improved detection and patching support for the rebranding of “Microsoft Office 365” to “Microsoft 365 Apps for Business/Enterprise”. This affects all versions above 16.0.13000.0 currently limited to the “Current” or faster channels. (7/22)
  • The Devices page will support filtering on all IP address, both Public and Private. Mouseover will now display all IPs associated with a given device. (7/24)

That tooltip for the IP addresses is really handy know. Depending on whether they are in the office or at home, you’d want to see the private or public IP address to get any meaningful information.