Webinar: Sysadmin Panel: The New Reality of Supporting the Remote Workforce

We have a panel webinar coming up on April 29th where we’ll be talking with fellow sysadmins about the challenges of moving all of their users to working from home:

We’re going to make this into a virtual pizza party. The first 40 people to sign up for pizza (in addition to registering for the webinar above) using the link below, will get a pizza delivered to their house for the webinar:




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Nic, there’s an error message waiting for anyone who clicks that link…

Which one, the webinar or the pizza signup @brianinca?

The mink link for pizza. The registration link worked perfectly.

Gotcha. Can you post a screenshot, as I’m able to get to the link ok. Do you have any browser extensions that could be interfering?

I’m wondering if it’s an extension interfering - can you try it on a different browser that doesn’t have any extensions?

I took a bypass to our primary firewall and got to it - faked me out there wasn’t a banner page telling me I’d done wrong! Thank you for the assist, Nic.

Glad you got it working! I wonder why it triggered your firewall. I think it’s a relatively new site, so maybe it’s not on all the proper whitelists yet. Or maybe it doesn’t like the .xyz TLD :slight_smile:

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Usually get a good descriptive banner explaining that you’ve gone to a newly registered domain / known malware host / pr0n site and that I will be notified!

Still no email to myself!

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@brianinca are you going to be on the panel too!?

Heck no, I’m gonna heckle you, Dim!

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Funny story - I apparently suck at time zones and thought the webinar was at 9AM this morning CST… lmao it’s at 11AM. I minus’d when I should’ve plus’d.

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Thanks everyone who attended and had good questions. Thanks especially to our panelists for taking the time to share their experiences!

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Awesome job, all. Good questions, good pizza, and GREAT SHIRTS.

Here’s the recording for anyone that missed it:

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