VMWare snapsots

Good afternoon… Has anyone utilized a worklet to automate snapshots of a VM prior to patching?

I’ve had someone attempt it but they told me that it wasn’t the most elegant solution. Let me see if I can get the code from them for it.

Thank you… I would appreciate the help!


Happy to help, here’s my ‘un-elegant’ attempt (rename to .ps1) PStoCheckpoint.pdf (2.4 KB) ) :wink: It uses O365 to notify me, but you can remove that part if you wish. Also I have a step in there to go and retrieve an encrypted password from a file so that I can avoid sending my passwords in plain text. Feel free to just enter yours in the file as the $pass credential to get around that part or just make the file in the right location if you wish.

Let me know if I can help further :wink:


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Is there a way to tie this directly to an Automox patching policy?

It’d be great if there was a way to run pre/post patching scripts within Automox.

Unfortunately not at this time. You can’t insert anything into the patch policy itself. Our plan is to eventually have conditional policies where one can trigger another, but that’s in the future.

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also, @patcutrone was attempting to do what you’re looking at doing, but for HyperV instead of VMware. She didn’t end up getting it working in a manner that was automated enough, but perhaps VMware might be better suited to the task.

Policy grouping (or workflows) would be fantastic, as that would really eliminate a lot of the manual intervention we do now for servers.

Is there a roadmap item I could go vote on for that? :slight_smile:

Fantastic! Thank you

This would be the one: