Using worklet to deploy files

I am wondering if anyone has tried using Automox to deploy files to users. We have many remote users and every once in a while we need to deploy a batch file or RDP to their desktop.

In the past it was reliant on them connecting with VPN to our site and downloading the appropriate file. I would like to remove the shared folder dependency and upload the file to Automox and deploy directly from there.

What i was looking to do was something like

Copy-Item -Path ".\file.rdp" -Destination "C:\Users\Public\Desktop"

which does work when run in PowerShell from the folder containing the file.

It doesn’t need a remediation script just the ability to execute and deploy/overwrite any existing files. Thanks in advance!

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You could modify this worklet to do what you’re needing:

Just change the file name and location in the remediation code and get rid of the shortcut generation code.

It takes a file that you put in the Installation File slot and copies it to another location. Then for the evaluation you can just put Exit 1 so that the policy will run on the schedule that you set it to (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)

Note that the Installation File will be in the same directory that the code runs, so you don’t need to put in a path for the source location. Whenever you have a new version of the file you can just replace the existing one in the worklet.

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