Using Automox to Update Programs that don't show an Update in Automox

Hi all,

Still trying to figure out Automox, but is there a way to poll for new updates, or install an update that doesn’t show in Automox.

My specific example is my company uses Quickbooks, and the file is accessed by multiple computers, and the file doesn’t like when it’s opened by different versions. I had an instance today where someone tried to open the file with an “older”’ version of QuickBooks and it threw an error. Automox did not offer me an update, so I had to remote in and open the program and update it that way.

Is there a way I can specifically add QuickBooks updater to Automox

Hi Efabio,

Have you tried deploying Quickbooks with the help of a Worklet or with a Required Software policy?
You could also request to add support for Quickbooks.

I used to work at Intuit supporting QuickBooks so I got you covered :slight_smile:

We don’t support QuickBooks as a third party software, but their patching system is pretty easy to integrate into Automox. Each time a patch comes out it’s just an exe that gets downloaded onto each local QuickBooks endpoint. There’s also a feature to share that download with others on the LAN, but in my experience it hasn’t worked that well.

Basically what you’ll want to do is train your QuickBooks users to say no to the update prompts (because once one person downloads and runs it, and opens the DB, it forces everyone else to patch to log into the DB). Instead have them alert you once a new patch is available. You can grab the patch from that endpoint (it just downloads into the QB folder) and then push that out to all the QuickBooks endpoints using a worklet or required software policy. Upload the patch file to the worklet, and then just run the exe file in the remediation code. You can run the worklet manually, and then just update the patch file each time there’s a new patch available. Then once that is done the first person to log back into QB can agree to updating the DB schema if necessary and it won’t inconvenience the rest of the users because they’ll already have the update installed. If all the QB endpoints don’t happen to be in a group together, you can use this API script to run the worklet against those specific endpoints:

Let me know if that makes sense and if you need more help getting this up and running!