Use API to Pull Software Inventory for Every Computer in an Organization

Using the standard API call for software packages installed will just give you software installed on a single device referenced by the server ID#. This script will give you software packages installed on every device in an organization referenced by the computer names. By altering the script you can add additional fields - but make sure the Set-Content line reflects all of the fields you add to the Select-Object part of the last line of the script. You’ll also want the Set-Content line to have the fields in the same order as the Select-Object.

Available fields can be found here from the Response tab:

You can also modify it to do things like not show Windows updates & hotfixes by altering the Where-Object part of the last line of the script. For example:
Where-Object {$.installed -EQ $true -and $.repo -notlike “Windows*”}

You’ll need to set the following before running the script:

$apiKey = 'YOUR_API_KEY' - in your console, go to Settings->API and select the API key. Note that the API key is per admin user, so you and another admin in your console will have different API keys.

$orgID = 'YOUR_ORG_ID' - put in your Org ID which can be found by looking at the URL on the dashboard and selecting the value after the “?o=”: []. In this example the Org ID is 1234.

You can also modify $filepath if you want to change the file name or save it in a different location. Keep in mind the script will overwrite a previously generated file if it exists.

# Set these -----------------

$apiKey = 'YOUR_API_KEY'
$orgID = 'YOUR_ORG_ID'
$filepath = 'C:\Temp\SoftwareInventory.csv'

# ---------------------------

$page = 0
$limit = 500
$servers = @()

Set-Content $filepath -Value "Computer,display_name,version"

$apiInstance = ''
$apiTable = 'servers'

while($true) {

    $orgAndKey = "?o=$orgID&api_key=$apiKey&l=$limit&p=$page"

    # Put components together
    $uri = $apiInstance + $apiTable + $orgAndKey
    $resp = (Invoke-WebRequest -Method GET -Uri $uri -UseBasicParsing).Content | ConvertFrom-Json | Select-Object results

    $servers += $resp.results
    $page += 1

    if($resp.results.count -lt $limit) {

$servers = $servers | Sort-Object name

# Check each server for software
foreach ($server in $servers) {

    $serverID = $
    $serverName = $
    Write-Output $serverName
    $orgAndKey = "/$serverID/packages?o=$orgID"

    # Put components together
    $getURI = $apiInstance + $apiTable + $orgAndKey

    $headers = @{ "Authorization" = "Bearer $apiKey" }
    $response = (Invoke-WebRequest -Method Get -Uri $getURI -Headers $headers).Content | ConvertFrom-Json

    $response | Where-Object {$_.installed -EQ $true} `
              | Select-Object @{label=”Computer”; Expression= {"$serverName"}},Display_Name,Version `
              | Sort-Object Display_Name | Export-Csv -Path $filepath -NoTypeInformation -Append -Force


@Tony - do you have a script that will pull for a specific software that contains a specific name?

Like this? Use API to Determine if a Certain Software is Installed on All Devices

Hi Tony @Tony , i´m trying to modify the script to not include info about any Intel*, Security update*, Update*, in the report, to try to be more accurate with the software that appear in the installed programs in the control Panel, but for now i can´t figure out a way to exclude that in the Script. For us that would be a good report to present to our clients.

Any help would be appreciated to remove that particular info, and any other from the script.