Update posted 62 (or more) times

Just submitted this to support but was curious if anyone else is seeing this. Our users are getting a pre-install message saying “This update has been postponed 62 times, delaying this update is no longer allowed”. The 62 times is arbitrary, have gotten reports of various numbers, but our deferment is a max of 3 times…

I have seen this, but for postponing 8 or 9 times.

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same here but most say 11 times
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Got you beat…for now. :slight_smile:

I got 71 on my laptop today!

Got a response from Jason at the Automox Support team, they are aware of the issue

We have determined that this appears to be related to an issue that we had over the weekend where notifications were looping without user interaction causing the deferral number to appear very large. The issue seems to be resolved this morning but we are continuing to investigate.

We recommend rescanning devices manually and rebooting any devices that are in “Reboot Required” status.

When he says “manually,” does that mean i can go to the Devices tab and select all and run action “Scan”? And when he says “resolved,” as of what time?

Thanks for looping us in.

That sounds like the proper way to manually scan, as opposed to letting it automatically scan as part of your scheduled policies. Did not inquire on the timeline of resolution…

Our users were seeing the same we had some indicate that the update was postponed over 100 times! The other problem I believe here is that our users are also able to click on X in the upper right corner of the System updates need to install window and close it with nothing happening. So it kind of makes the Install Now option kind of null and void.