Upcoming Webinars for July 2020: Q&A and Sysadmin Day

We have two webinars coming up that you won’t want to miss. First is our regular Q&A Office Hours webinar, where you can come ask any questions you have:

Next is Sysadmin Day, which is the last Friday in July. We’ll be doing a trivia contest, giving away prizes and generally observing Read Only Friday:

Hope to see you at both!

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Here’s the recording of the office hours webinar, for those that missed it or need some help with insomnia by listening to me talk :slight_smile:

Better than me talking. Probably.

Happy Sysadmin Day - trivia starts in an hour!

Congrats to the trivia winner, David Kenney, with 6 points.

Runners up, tied for 3 points were:
Dave Kay
James Pierce
Joshua Morden
Matt Richards
John Krummel