Uniquely renaming devices

Is there any way to uniquely rename an endpoint without having to build a one-off worklet or use an external api call in a generic worklet? If you were able to execute arbitrary commands this would be easy enough, but the best option I see in this case would be if worklets were able to read their associated display name in the console (or a tag or custom field if these are available) to then set as the hostname. That way you could use the Automox api to change the console display name of a device, and then trigger a generic worklet on specific devices to rename themselves according to the console parameter.

Any thoughts on how this sort of functionality could be accomplished with the current feature set?

There’s a worklet here that is a step in that direction:

If you wan’t the hostnames to be unique then you’ll need to figure out how to add that and come up with a unique system for naming.

Cheers Nick, yeah I had seen that worklet. Works great if you are standardising naming based on variables that can be found locally, but has no provision for mastering the hostnames from somewhere in the cloud like I need.

Jamf style extended attributes that can be set uniquely for each host in the Automox console and read locally by worklets are the ideal solution I would like. Otherwise my only option is to make an api call from the worklet which I am trying to avoid.

You could potentially pull from a list via worklet or API, but that would be some additional work. If you want to send me the details of where you’re pulling from, I can see about putting something together for you. I’ve used a csv file to pull in IDs for a script, and we could probably do the same for powershell for pulling from a hosted location, as long as that location can be accessed with powershell commands.