Uninstall Lifesize App via Autmox


I am looking to uninstall Lifesize via Automox. I looked at https://community.automox.com/t/enforced-application-uninstall-for-windows/148, however Lifesize isn’t listed in the registry keys defined in the worklet. What’s unique here is that the uninstall info is stored a registry key associated with the user that’s logged in (or each user who did the install). So I would need to find the following keys in:

HKCU or HKU<SID>\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\lifesize_app

DisplayName: Lifesize

QuietUninstallString contains “C:\User<username>\AppData\Local\Lifesize_app\Update.exe” --uninstall -s

I’m new to Automox and am OK at Powershell. Definitely not skilled enough to take the block provided in the above link to access iterate through each user in HKU to find what I need to find. Then there’s understanding what context the worklet runs under.

If anyone can help, that would be great.