Tip of the day: navigating the community

There’s a couple ways to get around the community. By default you land on the Latest tab, which shows you all the topics in all categories, with the newest topic at the top. If you prefer, you can switch to the Categories tab, which shows you all the available categories on the left, and the recent discussions on the right.

The other way to get around is the “burger” menu, so named because it’s three horizontal lines. The name comes from the top and bottom lines representing the bun and the middle line representing the burger patty.

If you click on the burger menu you’ll see the available categories as well as a couple different useful pages:

  • FAQ - the FAQ page which has the community rules
  • Latest - the default view on the homepage
  • Unread - a list of new topics that you haven’t visited yet or that have new posts since your last visit
  • Badges - a list of all the badges available to earn
  • Groups - a list of the different user groups, such as Employee or Power Users
  • Cakeday - shows you who is celebrating a birthday or community join date anniversary
  • New - a list of new topics that you haven’t visited
  • Top - the most popular topics within the specified time period
  • Users - a list of all the users on the community and their activity
  • Tags - a list of all the tags used on the community
  • Categories - an alternate method of browsing the categories and jumping to the one of your choice
  • About - shows you the community admins and some site statistics
  • Keyboard Shortcuts - a list of keyboard commands to quickly navigate the site

If you’re ever completely lost, simply click on the Automox icon in the upper left of the screen to go back to the homepage.

If you have any questions or feedback about the navigation, please post them below!

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