Three new 3rd party software titles: Skype, Notepad++, RDP for Mac

With yesterday’s release we added those three titles:

If you’re on a Patch All policy, know that now Skype, Notepad++ and RDP for Mac will now automatically be included. If you need to exclude any of those software titles for any reason, you can use a Patch All Except policy and exclude patches that way.

Note: if Skype or Notepad++ are in use at the time the patch policy attempts to install a patch, it will fail and attempt again next time the policy runs. This is to avoid interruption to Skype calls, or data loss from Notepad++ which doesn’t automatically save changes on exit (although there are settings you can change to make it do so:

New applicable KB articles:

Updated list of all 3rd party titles:

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Because I am anal about such things. First bullet under Bug Fixes, your shift key got stuck on Windows. :slight_smile:

Thanks for catching that - you get the bug finder badge!

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