the "remember me" check box for console

hi, I was wondering if any of you have trouble with the “remember me” checkbox on

no matter what I do, it will not remember my user name nor password, that check box seems to be doing nothing…I have 4-5 different devices (Mac, pc, iOS) and none of them works…
even created a new account and tried, still the same…


I use a password locker so I wouldn’t want it to remember my password, but I’ve tried the “remember me” box also and it seems to just be there for looks…

Yeah, it doesn’t work.

Hey, @dyyuan/all - I mean…personally, I thought I was crazy/being victimized by our SSO every time. So thanks for restoring [some of] my sanity! I did a little digging on this and there’s an open ticket to remove “Remember Me” entirely, as that option makes it tough to enforce secure logins. I guess it’s kind of not supposed to work…? But, I agree with our team(s) on the ticket that it should just be removed if this is the case. It’s like putting a steering wheel on a toaster or something.

I’ll go update that ticket/ping a couple of folks. Thanks for bringing this up!

I use a password keeper so not an issue for me, but what I have seen on one of our other programs is just remember the username field. Let the password and 2FA do the security piece. Would be nice with 2FA to trust a device for X number of days so when I go in 5 times a day, I don’t have to re-verify every time.

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