Tag in Bulk

Just wondering with the new function with targeting based on asset info, would it be possible to assign tags in bulk? For instance, making a location tag would be more logical now together with a policy that is targeting a specific set of machines.

I would like to tag machines for instance based on a preset in the hostname, but currently we must edit every device manually. Anyone found a workable solution to do this more efficiently because tagging cannot be done on initial installation of an agent.

Hey @Maikel!

Thanks for sharing this feedback. We are looking to add the ability to bulk apply tags soon, but, meanwhile, you can add tags via script that can be found here: Set Tags for All Computers in a Group.

You also mentioned setting tags by hostname. Another option that could work for you is to target devices by hostname! If you filter by the prefix for a hostname, the policy will run on all devices that have that prefix.

Hope those are some good tips for ya. Thank you so much for sharing your feedback!

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Thanks that sounds great, i have found the worklet but i cannot apply it because i have machines of multiple locations is a group called clients and i only want a subset of those to assign a specific tag.

Also it would be nice if you could target specific worklets and policies based on installed software on the machine :smiley: