Swag ideas?

With the new year and new budgets comes the opportunity to come up with new and fun Automox swag. Do you have any requests for either the types of items or what we put on them?

We have a couple ideas too, that we’d like your feedback on:

  1. Sticker that says “I survived CVE-2020-_____” where you can write in the CVE #
  2. Shirt idea: “It’s 2am, do you know where your servers are?” with maybe a pictures of some computers carousing and refusing to go home and apply their patches


Ooh, I like the shirt idea.

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Thanks - that one was my idea, so you have excellent taste! :slight_smile:

I always hoodies and Sweatshirt

On the basis of existing Automox gear I have, I’d drop the badges and stickers (too 1970’s). The T shirt was OK, but it didn’t wash well and the material is a bit thin. I would go upmarket, go for a good quality polo shirt with just the name and logo on the chest. I would wear that to work. Automox are charging grown up prices these days, so I think the promotional goods should match.


Thanks, good feedback @david.thomson. The polo shirt was a big request at Spiceworks when I worked there, since many IT folks are required to wear a shirt with a collar at their work. I’ll see about getting that one on the docket.

I can see having better swag (hoodies, polos) as an incentive to do a demo, fill out a survey or a current customer, but if you are just handing out swag at something like Spiceworld, t-shirts are usually what’s cost effective. Some vendors are even getting in to challenge coins.

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I agree that swag can be low quality - it probably ends up with people with little interest in the product.

That said … ‘Automox has secured $30 million in series B funding’ - I think Automox early adopters deserve a nice shirt out of that lot. No doubt another renewals increase on the cards.


That’s a great idea, doing a swag send to our first customers and early adopters, to celebrate the funding. I’ll look into doing that.

Just trying to think of some unique ideas:

  • Custom keycap with the Automox A/Triangle thingy for mechanical keyboards.
  • Custom TILE Mate (I have one from another company that I use daily and have to stare at their logo whenever I use my keys now)
  • A wireless mouse?
  • A Burger King watch
  • I’m really bad at this.
  • A straight up box that says “Autobox” on it and nothing else.
  • Something something “Autospocks” for the Star Wars comic guys or whatever. Patch long and prosper, Luke.
  • 19" rim of the logo for our vehicles
  • A wireless mouse because I need a new one
  • A shirt that says Automox but uses PDQ’s font
  • A signed picture of @Nic
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My vote is for a pair of Autosox with a few sewed on patches


I don’t want to spoil @taylor.teets’s thunder, but we do have some socks in the works!


I do like the box idea. Reminds me of all the box jokes from Cards Against Humanity.

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How does everyone feel about microfiber webcam covers? I say microfiber because I know the plastic ones have been known to cause cracked laptop screens and don’t let laptops close completely. Something that’s removable but remains sticky?


Automox robot bobblehead

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Sticker that says Protected(or Secured) by robots! with automox under it

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An Automox shirt for my SpiceRex.

I know some vendors had done those at past SpiceWorlds - did they end up being popular?

Have you tried…


plugging it in?

turning it on?



FWIW, the swag I think I get the most use out of is a Code42 Precision Screwdriver with the bits in the handle.