Software menu, incomprehensible


The software menu seems abit incomprehensible to me, in order to fix the recent 0day exploits to Chrome I had to manualy force “Patch Now” on Chrome. As you can see on the picture below (it was worse before patching yesterday) I get several lines with 1-5 devices based on the OS version and with several different OS versions the list gets long. It gets tedious to click “Patch Now” on all these, and hard to keep track of which you forced. Is it possible to get a submenu or something on the different softwares and force update on all affected devices at once, regardless of the OS Version?

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Tom Aril Virak

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Hi Tom,

I like the suggestion of selecting more than one patch at a time!

Here is a way you can patch all the different versions at one time: Create a Patch Only Policy, and select Everything “Chrome” as your filter. Link to your groups, and either schedule or run on demand. This would cover all Chrome OS\versions in one shot.

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