So long and thanks for all the fish!

I’m moving on to my next adventure and leaving you in the capable hands of @Brittany . Thank you to everyone who helped get this community off the ground and continue building it to what it is today! Two years ago we started with nothing and today there’s 200 worklets, 7400 posts and almost 1k members. I’ll still hang out in the Automox community slack if you want to say hi.


Who approved this? :scream: Best of luck in your next adventure and don’t be a stranger!

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Hey Nic, sorry to see you go, but wishing you the best of luck moving onward!
Was great working with you again here, where are you headed next? Where should we all look for you?


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Next gig is with StackHawk. They do automated security testing as part of the development process, so more on the dev side than the sysadmin side of the house.

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Thanks for everything and good luck with your new gig!

We are going to miss you. Good luck with the new gig!