Signed Powershell Scripts?

Hi Guys,

I was curious, are any of you guys deploying certificate signed PS scripts with Automox? Are Worklets with code inside treated as ‘ad-hoc commands’? Or do we need to upload the signed .ps1 and reference it in the remediation of the worklet?

I haven’t found a ton of information in the knowledge base or on the forums. My security team is pushing me to stop running unsigned scripts in our environment (for obvious reasons).

I’d love some feedback on this, Thanks.

It is something we’re aware of and looking into adding in the future for worklets. You can vote for that as a feature request here:

I’m not aware of any workarounds using a signed .ps1 file as an attachment but I don’t see a reason why that wouldn’t work. You’d still need to allow the worklet that calls the signed worklet to run, so it’s a bit of a catch 22.