Share a worklet, get some socks!

Winter is here. Temperatures are dropping. Your feet are freezing. Thankfully, Automox is here to help you with some free socks! This is similar to our mug promotion, but we’re switching things up for December. For each worklet you share to the Automox community, we’ll send you a free pair of socks!


And if your sock drawer is just so full of socks that you don’t know what to do with, we can arrange other Automox swag!


To share your worklet, you’ll click on “New Topic” on the top right corner and select “Worklets” as the category. Put in the title and code, then click on “Create Topic”. Worklets don’t go live immediately as they go into a queue for review. Once we make sure that the code works and isn’t malicious, your worklet will go live and you’ll receive details on how to get those sweet, sweet socks.

(Pro tip: to post a code block to the community, put three backticks on the line above and below your code to format it as a code block.)

Thanks for being part of the Automox community!


I wan’t those! @Nic can i exchange my credits for a pair? :slight_smile:

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Certainly! I’ll send you a link to get yours.