Script to Remove AlienVault Agent

Hello Automoxville,

I was wondering if any of you wonderful people have tried to uninstall the AlienVault agent with Automox?

We just switched to a different SIEM vendor and AlienVault’s documentation for uninstalling the agent via script is not very helpful.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Have you tried referencing our macOS app uninstall worklet in the community?

@dmunson, I haven’t tried it, but along with @Tony’s help, we may be able to provide some guidance. What OS are you working to uninstall AlienVault Agent from?

Linux (Ubuntu 18.04).

Alienvault’s documentation says to run the file located in /usr/bin for Linux. So my worklet I wrote is this:

cd /usr/bin/ uninstall

But that doesn’t seem to be doing it…

You should just put the full path to the uninstall script, rather than changing directories in the script. So:
/usr/bin/ uninstall