Scheduled Patches count information may be incorrect

Does anyone else see incorrect counts in the dashboard or devices page for devices with scheduled patches? It seems the act of editing a group or policy resets the scheduled patches info of all devices to zero except those associated with the edit.

Is this before or after rescanning the affected devices when you edit a group or policy? The rescan might be needed to get an accurate count, especially if it’s a policy change. Adding or editing a policy doesn’t automatically trigger a rescan, so you’d either have to wait until the next group scan, or kick off scans manually from the devices page.

I have re-scanned on a test basis. It doesn’t seem to change things. If I re-scan a device I know has patches scheduled, it doesn’t always show up as being scheduled.
It’s inconsistent. Over time some devices are added to the dashboard and scheduled columns. But I believe the dashboard should always reflect the total number that are scheduled.
Would I have to scan all 230 devices to get an accurate count of devices scheduled even if they are in different groups with different policies?

If you’ve done a rescan and things aren’t showing up still then I’d say contact support so that we can dig into the logs and the database and see what’s going on. Our numbers should at least be internally consistent with the dashboard matching the data on the Devices page.

How the group scans work is that you set a schedule on the group, between 6 and 24 hours. That determines how often scans happen. They don’t all trigger at once, so that you don’t have a group full of devices all scanning at the exact same time - we stagger them.

I would say try out selecting all on the Devices page and doing a rescan, just to make sure every device is accurate for the purposes of this test. Then see if what shows on the dashboard matches the devices page and we can go from there.

I am working with Jason from support, but thought I would see if anyone else was seeing this.
We have 230 devices in many groups with different policies.
1st screen shot shows 16 devices scheduled for updates. This is incorrect, there are many more, but this should explain what is happening.

I will edit and save the Servers-Production2 patching policy which has been assigned a group with 10 servers as you can see.

Now the Dashboard shows 10 devices scheduled for updates. The 10 that are in the Group assigned to the policy that was edited. I believe it should show all of the devices in our Automox that are scheduled for updates.

The same happens on the all Devices screen. Only the devices associated with the most recent edit of policy or group has information in the scheduled patches column.

I will try the scan of all devices. and report back if this changes the count on the dashboard.


Sounds good - let us know what you and Jason figure out while troubleshooting this!

update - ran a scan of all devices - still not accurately showing in dashboard or scheduled patches column on devices page. Also, running pre-patch report or device overview report clearing shows more devices with patches scheduled than the devices and Dashboard pages show.

Sounds like there is definitely something awry, if that’s after freshly scanning everything. I’ll have to defer to @jason.goode to investigate further as he’s able to investigate stuff in the database that I don’t have access to.