Remote lock workstation and change user's password

This worklet changes the local user’s password and logs them out of the computer. This is useful in instances where there is security risk or an abrupt/unexpected termination.

exit 1


#Credit for parts of this script go to Progress

$logoutReset = {
    #Set the username that should have its password changed and sessions logged off on the targeted workstations
     $user = 'jeff'
     $password = 'y0urn3wPa$$woRd_heR3'
     #Comment out the line below if you do not need to change the password locally but prefer to change it in Active Directory
     net user $user $password
     $ErrorActionPreference = 'Stop'
     $quser = "C:\Windows\Sysnative\quser.exe"
     $logoff = "C:\Windows\Sysnative\logoff.exe"

     try {
         ## Find all sessions matching the specified username
         $sessions = & $quser | Where-Object {$_ -match $user}
         ## Parse the session IDs from the output
         $sessionIds = ($sessions -split ' +')[2]

         ## Loop through each session ID and pass each to the logoff command
         $sessionIds | ForEach-Object {
             Write-Host "Logging off session id [$($_)]..."
             & $logoff $_
     } catch {
         if ($_.Exception.Message -match 'No user exists') {
             Write-Host "The user is not currently logged on."
         } else {
             throw $_.Exception.Message
     return $user
 & $logoutReset
 Write-Output "User" $user "password changed and workstation locked."