Releasing Today - Updated Group editor look and feel

Continuing the discussion from Coming Soon: Updated Group Editor page:

@Nic got to show off some of the design concepts Automox was playing with, and I’m excited to let folks know that later today we should be releasing the final product for the Group editor.

This is the first of many updates to our platform to help move it to a more agile web platform and give you guys a better UI to work with.

We have a first-time prompt that displays some info on Groups for those who aren’t familiar.

The main screen has the same functionality you’re used to with a different appearance.

The piece I’m most excited about is the new customizable Group Color pane. Gone are the days of a set selection of colors. You can now choose from a list of options, make a customized color in-browser, or enter a hex value to match your company’s scheme. Go wild! (I know you’ll all miss the sunburn pink…)

Our web front end team has been excited to get this stuff out there for you, and they’ve been working hard on all the visual updates and quality of life changes you’ll see in the console this year.


For historical purposes, here are the funny color names that an early Automoxer came up with for our previous color picker:

My favorite was Forgot Sunscreen as well :slight_smile:


In product testing I always used Electric Violet and Lemonade. For some reason, if you let me make it crazy I’ll do it.


And here’s the updated documentation:


We’re interested in your feedback on the new design, so if you have any thoughts please share them with us!