Released Today - Updated Worklets Policy Pages

Today we released the first in a series of updates to the console policy pages - Worklets. The page has an updated look and feel as well as some usability improvements in the group association and the schedule function. We’ve also included a direct link to the community contributed worklets.

We’d love to hear your feedback on the new designs, please reply to this message.

More updates in the coming weeks for the Required Software and Patch Policy pages.


Really Nice UI Change, I was hoping that we would have the ability to dynamically click the calendar and populate the buttons to the left of it. Seems the most intuitive way to do that. Any plans for that?


Thank you for the feedback. We do have schedule/calendar improvements slated for early next year. The calendar now really just serves as a preview - but agree clicking to select a schedule would be a logical update.


See our Automox Product Documentation: Creating a Worklet

Is this a part of the overhaul? I usually put a links and other relevant information in notes about what this worklet is meant to fix. This is the first time I have encountered this error. Can someone explain to me why I cant store links or special characters in the notes column? Are we not sanitizing our notes input? This seems like we’re losing functionality instead of gaining it.

Hope this is just a mistake – Cheers.

That is a good question - let me get that over to the engineers.

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Ok it looks like that was an unintended side effect from some global input sanitization that was put in place. Stay tuned for more info.

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Ok we’ll get that fixed so that the Notes field will accept slashes again. In the meantime, you can cancel out of saving (if you haven’t already). Also I gave you the bug finder badge!

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This has now been fixed so you can put special characters in the notes again @Mrichards

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