Released Today - Updated Policy Pages

Today we released an update to the policy pages. There are no significant changes to the Policy functionality, but the Vue migration includes a more polished design with improvements to user experience. Small usability improvements include a more intuitive interface for the calendar and notifications. Additionally, the manual policy workflow has been improved by separating out the policy information from the patch approval process. Check them out on the console.

We’d appreciate your feedback, please reply to this thread and let us know what you think.


Hi, it looks like it is not possible anymore to change the Policy type after creation. Is there no other possibility than to recreate the policy from scratch?


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Yes, that is correct. In customer research, we encountered more confusion about that behavior where users thought they were cloning the policy - not changing the type.

Thank you for your feedback - we have more changes coming in 2021 - so will consider how we can better accommodate your use case without causing confusion.



in that case wouldn’t it be better to introduce a clone/copy function (which is also something I’m looking forward to) instead of removing functionality? It seems a drastic measure in order to deal with this issue. An overwrite notification seems less intrusive than removing functionality.

We are currently in the transition of switching all our patch policies (300+ in total for different organizations). This change has a huge impact on the work that needs to be done. Changing 1 policy before maybe took 1 minute, now we have to replace them or create a script and achieve the same with API calls.




We are looking at cloning for next year.

Shorter term, our designer is going to take another look at the policy creation workflow based on your feedback. Apologies this has created some unintended additional work.