Released Today - Required Software | Coming Soon: Patch Policies

Today we released an update to the Required Software policy page. You will see some of the same updates we made on Worklets on this page. Screenshot is below:

Coming Soon: In the coming weeks, we will be releasing updates to the remaining Policy pages. There are no significant changes to the Policy functionality, but the update includes a more polished design with improvements to the user experience. Small usability improvements include a more intuitive interface for the calendar and notifications. Additionally, the manual policy workflow has been improved by separating out the policy information from the patch approval process.

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Any chance of making the calendar a little bigger? There’s quite a bit of real estate waiting to be used up! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I like it!

@Westyy makes a good point. The calendar does look kind of lonely out there, though I realize this screenshot was taken on an ultrawide monitor. It’s not as noticeable at 1920x1080.

One option I would like to see for the patch policy scheduler: being able to set the schedule based on the number of days after Patch Tuesday.

For example, if I always wanted to patch on the first Wednesday right after Patch Tuesday (i.e. Patch Tuesday + 1 day), I can’t do that using the current date picker.

I could try and do this in the existing scheduler by selecting 2nd Week + Wed, but for this month that would actually be 8 days after Patch Tuesday.


It looks a bit small on the screenshot. We do have more calendar updates next year - so I will make a note when we circle back. Thank you for the input.

Thanks for the idea - I will document that in our product tracker when we look at the calendar feature again next year.

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