Release Notes - 2019.10.23-01 - Minor Front End Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Updated billing zip code field to accept alpha-numeric characters
  • Updated text from “Require Reboot” to “Requires Reboot” to avoid confusion
  • Fixed an error that was preventing Search Software and Search Device from showing completely in IE 11
  • Updated functionality for Display Name column in the Edit Group screen. Display Name column is now sortable.
  • Removed duplicate columns on Devices Page
  • Fixed an issue where Custom Notifications would not throw an error if reboot message was left blank
  • Improved the Dashboard frontend to handle API failures more gracefully and present an error if one of the request API calls fails


  • Removed “Beta” tag from Software Page - New Software Page is now the default for all customers
  • Changed “Edit Policy” to be “Edit Worklet” on System Management page
  • Changed “Delete Policy” to “Delete Worklet” on Edit Worklet page
  • Modified “Add Devices” text color for readability. Removed unnecessary check box.
  • Updated color scheme on Reports page in order for Activity Log headers to be readable

Note - if you have any issues with your Software page not displaying, or displaying incorrectly, do a hard refresh of the page or clear your cache.