Release Notes - 2019.09.20-01 - Windows Agent Upgrade Fix

Bug Fixes:

  • Pending Patch Counts corrected for some instances where multiple policies connected to a device showed incorrect value
  • Added agent recovery capability when auto-upgrade of the fails on Windows devices

Thanks for the info! I’ve seen the incorrect pending counts showing on some of my clients. BTW…What is the current agent version? I assume the console automatically pushes the newest agent? If not how do we ensure the most current agent version gets installed? Thanks!

You can see the agent version on the device page. It auto updates the agent so you don’t have to do anything to make the updates happen. This bug fix was for a situation where if an agent update fails it can get into a state where the agent won’t talk to the console and you have to reinstall by hand. This remedies that and makes sure that the agent continues to check in and the update can go through again.

Thanks for confirming. Just curious…is there something going on with the console? I have a bunch of systems showing offline that are online. We are running agent version 1.0-27.

Not that I’ve heard of but I’m at SpiceWorld and not in the office otherwise I’d run over and ask support. If you put in an intercom ticket they’ll be able to check and see why your agents aren’t showing up.

Will do…enjoy the trip!

Thanks - so far so good!

Got back last night - had a blast! Were you able to get this sorted out?

Yes…thanks for the follow up.

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Cool - what ended up being the issue, in case anyone else runs into it?

We’re not quite sure. Brandon took care of me. He was awesome! Something happened on or around 9/14. A bunch of our agents stopped working. Had to pull some log files for him and he did a bunch of work on your side to get them back online. He said he hadn’t run across this before either. You might want to check with him for a more technical review of what it was.

Thanks, I’ll follow up with him and post back here with any useful info he’s found out.

Brandon let me know they’re actively investigating still. While they were able to get your agents good again, they don’t yet know the true root cause. Once they figure that out I’ll report back.