Reboot Notification Product Updates

Is there any sort of update on when the reboot notifications will be improved upon? The current worklet solution still only works if the user is sitting at their desk to see it. Preferably (IMHO), a notification would appear and not go away until they click ok to allow rebooting. I think this is how SCCM works. Without having something like this, it leaves much room for users not being made aware of the pending reboot.

Thank you


Hi @chevychaser, we are working on a solution now and expect to release that next month. It will include the notification not disappearing unless the device user closes the notification or the device reboots after the 15 minute notification window. The notification will state what time that device will reboot which will be based off the 15 min window so if it appears at 10:07am, the device will say it will reboot at 10:22am. This notification will also have a Reboot now button should the user be ready for a reboot before the stated time. The notification will be on if a policy has Automatic Reboots turned on. If the auto reboot setting in a policy is off, the notification will not appear.

We are concurrently working towards a deeper solution to include deferrals, configurable reboot times, messaging etc. We do not have a timeline for that feature release yet.


Greg, thanks for the information and Iā€™m looking forward to the update!