Pre-deployment testing solutions/capabilities

Looking for feedback on what the community is using for pre-patch or pre-worklet deployment testing. We currently automate medium and critical patching which has been worming fine, however I would like to identify a dynamic / automated way to test patches prior to deployment to validate the automated patching will succeed. Almost like a sandbox patch scenario.

When we have patches fail we typically end up having to remote into the device and investigate as the Automox reporting does not provide enough feedback yet. If we could validate all patches prior to deployment we would have much greater success.


This is what staging environments are for. You have a group of workstations and servers that have the same basic config as your production, SQL/Web/Apps/etc… You deploy to them a few days before you deploy to production to already know these issues.

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Agreed. My question was more along the lines of suggested staging configurations or any automated solutions anyone is using to streamline this.

We do have that as a highly voted feature request on our product board page here, so you’re not alone in wanting this:

Come to think of it, I think it’s the one with the most votes of any of them, so we’ll definitely be considering this for 2020.

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Deploy to a group of machines… X amount of days later mass deploy.

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