Poll: Best part of working from home

  • Not wearing pants
  • Not having to shower (until Zoom adds smell-o-vission)
  • Not having to lock your computer when you go for a snack
  • Nobody asks for IT help when you’re on the way to the restroom
  • Sleeping in
  • No waiting for the microwave
  • Only have to fight with spouse over thermostat and not the whole office
  • Tank of gas lasts forever
  • Working from bed
  • Every link is now SFW

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We should add pet cuddle breaks to the poll? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Ooh, good one, I didn’t think of that. Unfortunately the poll software doesn’t let me add in extra options after it’s live :frowning: But people can vote by liking your post if they want.

You forgot “Sleeping with coworker”

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