Poll: Additional Reboot notification configuration options

We are actively researching improvements to patch & reboot notification and deferral functionality. Specifically, we are considering the following options to provide administrators greater control over the user reboot deferral experience.

We would love feedback if this same functionality would be useful for patch notifications and deferrals. Does it make sense to have the same configurability options to maintain parity between the two notification types? Would one set of options set at the policy level work for both patch and reboot notifications in your use case?

Please consider and select the option below that best reflects your preference. Any additional comments on why would be appreciated.

  • Reboot only - new configurations only apply to reboot, no new configuration options for patch notifications
  • Set a policy level - same notification window and deferral consumption options applied to both Patch & Reboot
  • Individual configuration for Patch & Reboot - provide the same configurations to both patch and reboot

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I need linux notifications

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