Patching in Different Time Zones

I was reviewing some different Automox Youtube videos this morning to see if there were any good overview video I could send some of my customers looking to leverage the platform.

One video I stumbled upon called ‘Get Started with Automox’ refers to a feature that allows you to schedule systems based on time zones (1:34).

My understanding was that this was an upcoming feature - I wasn’t able to find any documentation on the website around this either. Is this currently available? If not, do we know any timelines on when this may be released?


That looks like we did some “creative marketing” - you are correct that the feature hasn’t been implemented yet, and that UI element was just made up for the video and doesn’t exist in the product. I’ll get that fixed. Thanks for catching that!


Aw shucks… Was hoping it was an Easter Egg we could take advantage of :slight_smile: Thanks, Nic!

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It’s one of those plastic Easter eggs, but empty with no candy in it :slight_smile:


Ok we got the video updated to make it clearer that we’re talking about arranging your groups by location, rather than true time zone support. We are still working on that as a future feature though, as we know it’s something very useful for places with multiple locations and offices. Thanks again for catching that!

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I can vouch that it’s a feature we want to get out to you guys. Managing devices across the globe, or even just a couple states over, can cause confusion between scheduling in the console, to reading logs, to looking at reports. Being able to choose device local time or UTC (just spit-balling, don’t know the final deets) would be a big boon for those of you managing scattered fleets.

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That would be great, we have all our systems in UTC and patching/rebooting is not matching what we configure in automox.

One thing you could do in the meantime is use a separate browser and set the time zone on it to UTC. The console and the data it displays pulls from the browser timezone, so this will allow you to be in UTC in Automox as well.