Patch Tuesday Webinar for August 2019: Thurs Aug 15th at 1pm EST

We’ve got our next Patch Tuesday Webinar coming up next week, on August 15th. Sign up here if you’re interested in hearing about new patches and updates to Automox:


We’d love to have you for our August Patch Tuesday Webinar! If you can’t make on August 15th, we’ll still send you a recording of the webinar just for signing up. We’ve heard that it really helps customers stay on top of the most recent patches. Plus, Richard is known to bring some charisma to every webinar :smile: Hope to see you there!


Here’s the blog post summary:

The recording will be posted to our webinar section as soon as we’re done with editing:

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August Patch Tuesday Webinar is up on the Automox site

And on YouTube as well!